On Saturday 25th May the red shirts were out in force at Lawn Bowls Club in Onchan Park , not in support of a certain football team but to compete for the John Ramsey Pairs Trophy !

A total of 10 randomly selected pairs played 4 rounds of 3-2-1 format with scores and shot difference being counted after each end. In 3-2-1 format the closest bowl to the jack scores 3 points , next 2 points, then 1 point regardless of which team delivers the bowls. After 3 rounds the team of Dee Lewis & Caroline Corlett were leading by 8 shots followed by John Kewley & Andy Dixon and Win Kewley& Alan College in joint second place.

The final 4th end saw a fantastic effort by the team of David Quirk & Glynis Drinkwater defeating their opposition 21-3 to propel them from 4th place to joint first place. As both teams of Lewis & Corlett & Quirk & Drinkwater were now equal on points scored and shot difference a one end tiebreak was called for to determine the winner. Club members gathered to watch the final battle for the trophy. A first bowl from David Quirk expertly placed within inches of the jack and despite the excellent efforts of Dee Lewis & Caroline Corlett a great delivery by Glynis Drinkwater helped the position of the lead bowl so despite an excellent final bowl from Dee Lewis she was unable to move David’s bowl from its position and the trophy was claimed by David Quirk & Glynis Drinkwater who were presented the John Ramsey Trophy by Club President Gary Lenton.