Saturday 11th of August saw yet another great turnout of club members for the annual Bill Moultrie Pairs Competition. For this competition, pairs are randomly picked on the day which adds to the interest, as members never know in advance who they will be teamed up with. Co-incidentally the winners last year’s competition, Marcia Pearson and Clive McGreal found themselves once more picked as a pair, and must have fancied their chances! Although the competition is played in a round robin format, comprising of 5 sets of 4 ends and the scoring system was changed so that over the 4 ends a total of 24 points were up for grabs. This proved a popular change as it meant both pairs were able to gain points and if one teams bowl was closest to the jack as long as the other team had second or third shot they still gained points. The scores from each set were collectively carried forward and by the end of the fourth set only 2 points separated the top scoring pairs of Club President Philip Watterson & David Quirk and Marcia Pearson & Clive McGreal followed by Win Kewley & Mel Reed in 3rd position. However, by the end of the final set it was Watterson and Quirk who managed to hold onto their 2 point lead and claim victory and the trophy.

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