It will be a pleasure for us to notify you, as I am sure it will be pleasure to hear, when we return to normal. However, for the time being we are still restricted, but the committee are regularly reviewing the situation and revising the risk assessment as time gones on. We have now entered stage three of our return to the sport. Not much has changed, we are all still need to adhere to the key points, but there are some key changes that will help us salvage some for of a season yet. Please note the below:

  • 1. Club members only. Use of the green is still only for our members. No paying public are permitted on our green. The current bonus for us is that we are now able to accept new members, and would actively encourage those who wish to join to contact the secretary
  • 2. Use of the green is allowed by appointment only. This point remains as it is important that we can provide track and trace information to keep our members safe. No turning up ad-hoc permitted
  • 3. The clubhouse and equipment shed remain closed. You may only enter the clubhouse to access first aid equipment in the event it is needed
  • 4. If you feel unwell or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT play
  • 5. Use your own bowls and the equipment issued to you by the club. Please refain from handing bowls to others. Only carry / handle your own mat and jack
  • 6. Government guidance in regards to social distancing still applies and is vitally important. Please stay at least two meters away from other people
  • 7. Competitive matches and coaching on a one-to-one basis is now permitted. As the equipment shed is closed, do not attempt to access scoreboards, please use a scorecard. If you win an end, please use your own mat and jack, not your opponents. You may now measure, provided you have your own equipment. Do not borrow other people’s. The non-measurer is to stand well back from the head. Matches consisting of singles and pairs only at this time. If you wish to have some coaching, please contact the secretary so this can be arranged
  • 8. We are permitted up to 10 people on the green at any one time. Even though this is the case, you are still required to book a playing time with the club secretary. We have had full sessions booked out. Please do not turn up on spec, you will not be able to play. A maximum of four people on any one rink at any one time
  • 9. Continue to use alternate rinks which will be allocated to you when you book your appointment with the secretary

We hope to bring you more positive news in the coming weeks, which may include the introduction of a mini league structure to make the most of the remainder of the season.

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