We were finally able to host our first of what is hoped to be many more competitions on Saturday. With a great turn out numbers wise and some great weather, it didn’t disapoint! 20 entrants were randomly drawn a partner which added a bit of fun to the occasion, giving our new members an opporunity to meet some new people along with giving existing members a chance to catch up with old friends who they have possibly not seen since lockdown was initiated. It also added a element of firey competition for some, as unexpectedly there were automatically three or four pairings who were tipped as the favourites.

Everyone has to be on their ‘A’ game to win these types of competitions as there is no time to slowly ease yourself in. Each game is played over just four ends, with a 3-2-1 scoring system for the closest three bowls to the jack and swapping rinks which all had different lines and pace caused some more issues than others. The time limit also only allowed four matches each! So the winners would be determined by having the highest points total ammassed over their respective matches. The first three rounds went as expected with the pairings of Clive McGreal & Win Kewley, Bernice McGreal & Janice Pilling, and Gary Lenton & David Slack jointly holding the top spot at the conclusion of the round, with two other pairing of Dee Lewis & Barbara Reed and Eric Maddocks and Marcia Pearson who were in hot pursuit, trailing by just one and three points respectively. The final round saw the most experienced pairing, Clive & Win, succumb to the pressure and the dramatic change in between rinks, meaning that they dropped from the top spot to third! A decent outing from the girls saw Bernice & Janice claim second, only to be outdone by Gary & David who had a super last round, scoring 18 from the 24 points available, scoring an amazing 61 at the conclusion of preceedings.

The committee have decided that almost all of the competitions that are traditionally played will be scheduled, despite their usual date being impacted by the COVID restrictions. As a result of some leagues not being run, this will enable members to make the most of their membership and the playable time available for the remainder of the season. Watch this space for the forthcoming dates.

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