Another glorious day and a solid turn out of entrants for the fourth Ruby Cup competition. Since its introduction as an open pairs event to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the club, only one set of names have been etched onto the silverwear. Clive McGreal and Eric Maddocks yet again paired up in an attempt to retain the trophy and ensure that it was their names that continued to be noted on the trophy.

The competition was played in two small pools with the winner of each progressing to the final. Clive and Eric during the pool stage looked like the odds on favourites, performing well and winning their matches comfortably. In the other pool, it wasn’t quite as clear cut, with various pairs showing their ability to compete, but it was Janice Pilling and Bernice McGreal’s doggedness that pulled them through.

The final in these circumstances however can go either way, as the matches are so short, you have to be on your game from the off. This was the only time in four years that Clive and Eric had a lax start, allowing Janice and Bernice to pull ahead, and once that had happened, there was little chance for the comeback. It wasn’t pretty by any means, but Janice and Bernice inflicted the first defeat for Clive and Eric in this competition, who had gone unbeaten in 24 matches before hand, to claim the Ruby Cup.

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