The Onchan Disctrict Commissioners rebranded Onchan Fun/Fair Day to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Nivison Stadium, was a arguably the most successful event that has been run by the commissioners for our club in many years. Not necessarily financially, but with the interest shown by newcommers in playing the game. We had in excess of 150 people come through the gate to try their hand at the sport, which included a number of juniors. With the loss of our baking legend over the water, we diversified our stall for this year’s event to include homemade crafts and cards, along with our traditional cakes with tea and coffee on offer. The stall generated approx £220 of funds for the club and six new members on the day, along with a large number of others interested in joining

The committee would like to thank everyone who stepped up and contributed to the stall, spending weeks creating beautiful cards, crochet and other crafts, along with filling Marilyn’s shoes with cakes and pastries. We would also like to show our appreciation to those who gave up their time to man the stall, promote our sport and to our qualified coaches who didn’t stop all afternoon.

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