The action started on Saturday with the Ladies and Men’s Triples Championships. Representing the Ladies were the team of Marcia Pearson(lead) Win Kewley(second) Pam Makin(skip) versus Barbara Reed(lead) Karen Slack(second) Janice Pilling(skip). With both teams fielding previous winners it would not be an easy match to call, the fast paced green and somewhat difficult lines required all to concentrate on playing their best shots.

As the Red Arrows display team fly in close proximity to the green a short break for both Ladies &Men’s teams to enjoy the display without trying to bowl and being distracted when perhaps delivering a crucial shot was required before getting back to the business of deciding the Championships. As the match restarted Pam Makins team were able to hang onto their lead to claim the match ensuring the Ladies Team of Pearson, Kewley & Makin becoming the Ladies National Triples Champions 2021.

During the Ladies match the Men were also battling it out for the title. Three teams were in the running for the trophy. Team A – John Kewley(lead), Mike Moyer(second) & Brian Lindsay(skip), Team B – Phil Watterson(lead), David Slack(second) & Gary Lenton(skip), Team C – David Quirk (lead), John Pieklans(second) & Phil Smith(skip), with each team playing 2 games. After some good bowls and closely fought games the team of Quirk, Pieklans & Smith were the team to lift the trophy as National Men’s Triples Champions 2021.

On Sunday although the weather was not as sunny there was still plenty of bowls to enjoy as the Ladies and Men’s Fours National Championships got underway. With 3 new members all with varing levels of experience between them competing alongside several members of International experience it was again difficult to determine which teams would come out top beforehand.

In the Ladies Championship Bernice McGreal(lead), Pat Lenton(second), Karen Slack(third) & Janice Pilling(skip) faced the winners of the Triple Championship from the previous day, who were joined by Barbara Reed. Throughout the game, although no one team managed to display their best bowls on another fast and tricky green, it was the team of McGreal, Lenton, Slack & Pilling who managed to find the better line & length, and go on to claim the National Fours Championshop for 2021, largely due to some very good bowls from Bernice McGreal up front and a fine display from Pat Lenton playing in her first Championship.

In the Men’s Fours once again three teams were fielded requiring each team to play 2 games to decide the winner. Team A – the triples winners from Saturday, John Pieklans(lead), David Quirk(Second) & Phil Smith(third), were joined by Clive McGreal(skip) and faced Team B – John Houseman(lead), Mike Moyer(second), David Tait(third) & Gary Lenton(skip) first up, comfortably winning before moving on to their next game against Team C – Mel Reed(lead), David Slack(second), Brian Lindsay(third) & John Kewley(skip). Another victory and McGreal’s team being the only team to win both their games were able claim the National Fours Championship 2021.

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