On Saturday 18th June 2022, after some last minute ammendments to the entry list, 17 members competed in our only one day individual competition, the Harrison Two Bowl. Two bowls, eight end games, 4 matches, that is all the competitors had available to them to rack up points and shot difference to claim a spot in the final. At the conclusion of the round robin stages, three members had won all of their games, so racking up the score in each game became an important feature. Mike Moyer, Phil Watterson & Clive McGreal had to go through the agonising wait while the scores were totted up and validated. For the first time in a number of years, Clive McGreal was the one to miss out on the chance to retain the barometer trophy, leaving Watterson and Moyer to fight it out and try to win the competition for the first time.

To add another degree of difficulty for the final, the direction of play was altered from North/South to East/West, meaning neither had an advantage, and it was down to who could find it best at the time. Mike started well, showing good weight control, but he was unable to find the lines. Phil meanwhile was able to overcome the challenge and regularly found himself closer to the jack to subdue Mike’s efforts and claim victory.

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