The latest Tri Nations Test Series was certainly an experience for the team. Despite the losses, the weather was superb and the hosts were fantastic making it an enjoyable tour.

With host country Jersey fielding two sides, the schedule for the weekend was jam packed, putting some pressure on our relatively inexperienced team. It was a tall order playing as many games as they did one after the other, on unfamiliar greens, in an intense competitive etting against top quality opposition. Which for the Isle of Man sadly showed on the results table. However, there were a number of positives to take away from the trip.

In the ladies matches the girls were constantly put under pressure which was hard to overcome. The triples managed to claim a draw against Jersey B to put some points on the board.

The men’s fixtures with exception of the singles went down in similar fashion. The cut throat attitude of the Channel Islanders was clear to see, who not only wanted the win, but wanted to rack up the shots! The only points on the overall leader board came from a win over Guernsey’s Matt Solway.

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