The Junior Championships finals were eventually held last weekend following the wash out from a couple of weeks ago. The quality bowls played by our juniors was excellent, which made the event a competitive one.

Five juniors started the competition with the top two playing off against one another in a final. Pictured left to right are Jamie Gibson and John Long. Thoughts around the green were that it could have been a year to remember! After six attempts, life member Eric Maddocks became this years men’s champion. Jamie is Eric’s grandson, and it would have been very fitting to have a first time grandfather/grandson champion pairing. However, it wasn’t meant to be as John, who was the defending champion himself had a lot to play for. His own determination saw him overcome the challenger to claim his second junior championship. Well done to all our juniors, and congratulations John.

58 thoughts on “JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS 2022”

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