Last Saturday the club held its final event of the 2022 season prior to the closure of the green for another year. Up for grabs was Club President Pam Makin’s newly introduced ‘President’s Trophy’.

The competition had an interesting and innovative method to determine the winner, combining a high scoring three, two, one system in a pairs game to determine an individual winner. Sounds complicated on paper, but simply put, it made each player focus on their own game rather than rely on their partner’s performance, rewarding the best players on the day. Over four games, each competitor played alongside four different partners, putting the focus for all involved on their own individual performance.

After the four rounds, two people stood above the rest of their competition. Mike Moyer who has had a sterling season this year and shown vast improvement, which has seen him gain some international caps for his performances, and lawn bowls newcommer Joanne Kelly who has shown an ability to adapt to our version of the sport in a short space of time both amassed 57 points. To determine the winner, it came down to a dreaded one bowl shootout, in which anything can happen! Kelly won the toss and elected to cast the jack and her bowl first. An excellent delivery left it a few inches away. Moyer gave his best effort, and it looked like he was going to snatch the win by trailing the jack away, but it narrowly missed and sailed through.

Congratulations to Joanne Kelly on becoming the winner of the inaugural President’s Trophy.

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